10 Interior Design Inspiration Instagram Accounts in 2020

Love all things related to Interior Design? Check out our 10 Interior Design Inspiration Instagram Accounts in 2019 we recommend to follow in 2020.

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There is something so magical about Zara Home. Zara Home is a curated experience around different collections and seasons. Looking to pick up some new home decor but not sure how to style it? Zara Home creates a beautiful storytelling message digitally so you the customer can truly identify how you can place different objects in your space.

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Fashion Influencer Lydia Millen and her husband have been renovating their beautiful country home for just about 12 months now. Throughout the process, Lydia has documented the whole thing through her YouTube channel as well as on her separate interior design Instagram account @LydiaMillenHome. Her fashion style is largely reflected in this beautiful traditional yet modern British glamour.

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Next up on our list is Interior Design and Founder of House Of Bohn this award-winning designer created beautiful spaces but also is a female entrepreneur. She an exclusive inside look at what it is like to be an Interior Designer and through her series #BOHNAFIDE where she shares her home renovation.

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Living etc. UK has some of the best style ideas and design inspiration from the UK’s biggest modern home magazine. If you ever happen to spot this magazine at your local magazine stand or bookstore, we definitely recommend picking it up for interior inspiration. Don’t worry if you’re not so lucky to be able to have a magazine subscription their Instagram page and online magazine has tons of useful content and ideas to follow daily.

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Oh for the love of West Elm. It has to be one of my favorite Interior home decoration shops. This interior design inspiration account has ways to get your kitchen organized with a refresh to look too beautiful interiors from all over the world. Looking for some inspiration to create some beautiful home spaces in your living room or bedroom, Lansdowne has full of inspirational images on their Instagram account that you can easily re-create.

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Looking for French Home Living inspiration? Give our Instagram account a follow for all things related to the French way of life. We showcase daily inspiration through design, lifestyle, and kitchen. Wanna showcase your French Pret-a-porter bedroom or recent lifestyle inspiration from your recent trip to France? Tag us using #FrenchHomeLiving on Instagram!

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A post shared by Scandinavian Homes (@scandinavianhomes) on


Muted colors in signature silhouette Scandinavian homes Instagram account leaves us speechless. If you’re looking to get some Scandi inspiration for your home look no further than this inspirational Instagram account. There’s something so cohesive about Scandinavian homes into account and we believe that to be a sense of lived-in feel approach to their Instagram account.

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Similar to retailer Zara, H&M has expanded into home decor. While their collections are more mainstream they do collaboration collections with different personalities to release their line with H&M inspired by their own space. H&M Home Instagram account has beautiful inspirational spaces that you can recreate in your own space!

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Looking to give your space a crisp new look? Bright whites and cool California sophistication, Lulu and Georgia allows you to easily shop their Instagram allowing you to get the look literally with just a few clicks.

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Parisian based lifestyle and interior design media and brand, The Socialite Family. Modern yet with a touch of vintage, The Socialite Family showcases different Parisian apartments all over the city on their blog as well as IGTV. Don’t parlez-vous Francais? Don’t worry, they have English captions to follow.


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