Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Home Decor

Best affordable farmhouse home decor under $100 makeover any space! Easy farmhouse style decor solutions to create a functional and organized home! We are sharing budget-friendly home decor options under $100 that even range under $50! We have broken in down into four areas of the home, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the bedroom!  | French Home Living #homedecor #amazondecor #walmartdecor #affordable
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Today we are sharing with you our favorite budget-friendly farmhouse home decor ideas and solutions!

We are sharing affordable home decor options under $100 that even range under $50! We have broken in down into four areas of the home, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the bedroom!

Affordable Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Probably the most spent area in the home, which is why it’s first on our budget-friendly farmhouse home decor list!

Need some inspiration? Check out how you can decorate your living room in a modern farmhouse style, here.

When it comes to decorating your living room think of it as adding in additional little accent and details. We suggest adding pillows, a side table, or a floor lamp.

Really it’s all about the details that make space overall feel beautiful!

Affordable Farmhouse Kitchen Solutions

The heart of the home and my personal favorite area to be in, the kitchen.

A kitchen has to be two very important things, functional and approachable. People are constantly moving in and out of the kitchen, so be mindful of this when decorating the kitchen!

Our favorite budget-friendly farmhouse home decor is vintage French. breadboards, marble cutting blocks, inspirational recipe books and we can’t forget trays!

How Affordable Farmhouse Bathroom Tips

Bathrooms are a place to unwind from a long day, which is why we suggest making your bathroom feel like a luxury spa getaway. A place where you can retreat to daily.

When it comes to affordable farmhouse style bathroom decor, we suggest refreshing your bath matt, shower curtain, and towels. Instantly you will notice the difference in the way your bathroom feels.

Additionally, try adding in a beautiful scented candle and beautiful baskets for unwanted accessories. We want your bathroom to feel calming not a disorganized mess!

Now if you’re looking for a quick weekend bathroom makeover, be sure to check out this post, here.

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Affordable Farmhouse Bedroom Solutions

Last but not list on our list of budget-friendly farmhouse home decor ideas and solutions is focused around the bedroom.

Similar to the other spaces featured above, a few simple additions to your space can make all the difference!

We suggest in adding a beautiful throw blanket, a rug, curtains or simply adding a mirror to give the space more light!

If your bedroom is needing a little extra organization, click here for our 5 simple and easy tips!

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