Cheap Apartment Decoration 100% Renter-Friendly

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Affordable Apartment Decor 100% Renter-Friendly Options! | How to decorate my generic apartment with affordable apartment decor? Several inexpensive cheap apartment decoration solutions that are renter-friendly so you won’t lose your security deposit. How you can decorate your apartment with affordable home decor ideas for cheap. | French Home Living
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So you’re looking for affordable apartment decor that are 100% renter-friendly? Despite the misconception, there are tons of inexpensive cheap apartment decoration solutions!

Today we are sharing how you can decorate your apartment with affordable home decor ideas for cheap without losing your security deposit!

How Can I Decorate My Generic Apartment?

You may be thinking, yeah right, how can I decorate my generic apartment on a cheap budget?

Of course, this may feel impossible especially while being restricted renting, but you will be surprised how the smallest details can make the biggest difference.

We suggest buying a little bit of vintage mixed in with your newly purchased items.

In order for an apartment to feel cozy and not “generic” is really by buying those pieces that will give it some lived in character.

Another piece of advice we can give is don’t try to only shop at one store like Ikea for example.

Without realizing it, your space will quickly feel like a showroom and not a cozy apartment!

8 Effective Apartment Decor Ideas That Are 100% Renter-Friendly!

We suggest starting with one room first. For example, the kitchen! Here are our 8 effective apartment decor ideas that are 100% renter-friendly!

Change out the door handles on your kitchen cabinets. Keep the originals for when you move out so you can switch them back!  

Create a coffee/ tea nook station. An easy quick cheap DIY that transforms any boring countertop into a place where you look forward to every morning.

Adding textures to your space. An affordable apartment option is instead of changing out your furniture entirely just trying adding to it by throw blankets and pillows. 

Adopt some plants, plants and more plants. Fake plants are an option as well but nothing gives new life into a space like plants! 

Add baskets for additional storage. A functional yet aesthetically pleasing way that can be added in almost every room in an apartment. 

Add a rug. No matter if you have tile, carpet, or hardwood floors, adding a rug to your apartment helps create a cozy welcoming atmosphere – not to mention can find such affordable options! 

Decorative lights. A functional light is great but an affordable decorative light is really what your generic apartment can use. 

Scented candles. A cheap apartment decoration idea that also adds a warm ambiance and depending on the scent – can be relaxing as well. 

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