Kitchen Counter Organization Storage Ideas

French modern farmhouse kitchen counter organization ideas on a budget! These DIY storage ideas are perfect for an apartment or house! Declutter your space with these hacks! | French Home Living
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How should I arrange my kitchen counters?

You probably are wondering the best way on how should I arrange my kitchen counters.  Today, we are sharing with you how to declutter your kitchen and kitchen counter organization that is practical – but also look aesthetically pleasing.

We hope you find these kitchen decor ideas helpful allowing you to declutter and organize your kitchen counters!

Start from a blank canvas. Before finding new places for your kitchen accessories and gadget, starting from a blank canvas can really help give you a new perspective on where to place items. Start by removing everything off of your kitchen counters and placing it to the side.

Wipe off the dust. Don’t forget this little extra step by wiping off the dust of old cookbooks, any kitchen gadgets, etc… 

Now that you’ve cleaned and taken everything off your kitchen cabinets, you are now able to start fresh and get to how you can transform your kitchen counter organization.

Ask yourself this question:

What do I use frequently and what do I use on occasion?

This portion of the process is extremely important for your kitchen counter organization! We will be placing two piles to help declutter your kitchen counters!

The items that you are continually using on a daily or even weekly basis, we suggest placing those in a pile as items you will place on your kitchen counter.

For all other items that you use rarely place in another pile and put away later.

There is an exception to this rule if you find a certain item decorative and want to put it on display.

Just be mindful that this is ONE item, possibly two at the most depending on the size of the accessories as well as how many items you have to put back on your kitchen counter.

Start biggest to smallest items. By starting from biggest to smallest will help you create balance.

Typically placing bigger items in the back while mixing in smaller kitchen gadgets/ accessories is the perfect balance for your kitchen counter organization.

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Feeling stuck and unsure of how to organize your kitchen counters? Do not place the same items in the same exact place as where you started off with.

Try switching things up as well as creating different nooks on your kitchen counter. Below we are sharing some of our favorite kitchen counter organization ideas!

How-To Arrange and Declutter:

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We hoped you have enjoyed this and found everything you need to declutter and create some kitchen counter organization!

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