Make Your Bedroom Feel Larger With These Simple Steps!

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If you’re looking to make your bedroom feel larger than you’re in the right place!

Today we are sharing 3 easy and simple steps on how you can transform your bedroom into the retreat you’ve always dreamed of!

How Do You Declutter A Bedroom?

We suggest dedicating one weekend on decluttering and organizing your bedroom from start to finish.

Our recommendation before adding any “storage” is really to declutter your space. Give your bedroom a much-needed spring cleaning and go through everything in your bedroom.

Here we really go in-depth and share everything you need to declutter your bedroom in 5 easy steps, click here.

How Do You Organize A Small Bedroom With A Lot Of Stuff?

Keeping a well-organized bedroom doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything you own and become a minimalist. Creating a functional space with beautiful storage can be the solution you are looking for.

We suggest to invest in baskets or trays to create organization and function. Ever heard the expression out of sight out of mind? That is exactly what we are trying to acheive.

Sure you may need to go through your closet and downsize the number of items you have inside your bedroom, which you can find everything you need here.

The less is more mentality is key here when trying to make your bedroom feel larger!

How To Make A Room Look Bigger?

Really one thing plays a major role into how a room can feel larger and look bigger and that is, lighting!

No matter how organized and decorated your bedroom is, without lighting it will feel dark and small.

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We suggest in leaving your curtains open throughout the day. Double curtains is a great way to create privacy yet let natural light in.

What is double curtains you ask? One curtain is simply to close and create a black out environment for bed, and the other one is more sheer to let natural light in while creating privacy!

If you don’t have a lot of luck in the natural light department, no problem! Simply add a decorative floor lamp or table lamp to your space!

We also suggest adding in a mirror or two into the space to simply make your bedroom feel larger and look bigger. The mirror helps bounce light throughout the room!

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