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Modern Farmhouse Accessories

Modern Farmhouse Accessories

Doing a remodel or refresh and aren't sure what decorations to complete your space these items are perfect for neutral home decor. We have modern farmhouse living room ideas and entryway decor at French Home Living.
Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash

Today we are sharing some of our favorite modern farmhouse accessories! Also, if you are doing a remodel or refresh and aren’t sure what decorations to complete your space, we have rounded up our favorite items for neutral home decor.

Decorating your first home or just looking for an updated farmhouse look, we have got you covered! Additionally, if you’re looking to declutter and update your farmhouse kitchen, check out this blog post here.

Living Room: Modern Shiplap

You might be wondering the difference between rustic and modern? Well, it’s actually quite simple.

For example, rustic will typically feel more lived in with chipping paint or vintage pieces of furniture from your local flea market. Whereas modern farmhouse is more styled to current trends and materials.

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Our favorite trend when it comes to modern farmhouse accessories is the neutral color palettes and play on different home decor materials such as natural wood or stone.

Another classic appraoch to modern famrhouse gives tribute to traditional farmhouses which is shiplap. Farmhouses would have shiplap on the exterior in the color red, hence the classic red farmhouse as we know today.

The modern farmhouse approach to this beloved tradition is keeping things clean and fresh with a white coat of paint. Next time you’re looking to renovate your living room, try this before doing anything!

Once your walls are painted you will clearly be able to see what accessories/furniture you need to add or take out.

Entry Way: Farmhouse

An entryway is probably the most overlooked space in the entire house but we believe they are a person’s first impression when walking into your beautiful space.

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Try keeping things clean by having a place for everything. For example, your keys go inside the tray, always.

The next way to keep your entryway feeling cozy without being too cluttered is by having baskets for all the extra items. Baskets are our favorite farmhouse accessories because not only are they chic but they are so practical also!

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We hope you have enjoyed are rounded up of 24 modern farmhouse accessories that are neutral home decor! We truly believe that any space can feel like brand new again by just simple refreshing it up with a few new decor items!

Also, if you’re looking to declutter and update your farmhouse kitchen, check out this blog post here. It is our complete checklist of chic french kitchen essentials perfect french style decor from minimal to a white country kitchen decor!

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