Small Guest Bathroom Ideas

Small bathroom ideas marble countertops with geometric wallpaper print peel and stick. Brass gold mirror. | French Home Living
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We believe that so many small guest bathrooms are totally not living up to their full potential. This is why we are sharing all of our tips on achieving a beautiful small guest bathroom that all your guests will love!

So whether you’re looking for a weekend project to give your current small guest bathroom a makeover or simply just want to redecorate.

We are sharing 3 easy tips of how you can completely transform your small guest bathroom!

Make A Statement In Your Bathroom With Wallpaper!

Now maybe you are skeptical about putting up wallpaper but it has advanced a lot over the years. From vinyl wall sticker deals to peel and stick “wallpaper”. Transforming your small guest bathroom has never been easier than well, peel and stick.

Nothing says let’s make a bold statement in a small space like bold and colorful pieces of art that you put on your wallpaper. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with these beautifully crafted wallpapers.

An insider’s tip on finding the right wallpaper for your small guest bathroom would choose a “color palette” based upon accessories used throughout your house.

For example, maybe your house is mostly neutrals but you have a French vintage vase that is blue. Infuse that through a dramatic and bold print that accents this vase.

Change Your Hardware

Something as simple as changing out your hardware in your bathroom to the toilet paper roll holder, towel hanger to even the door handle in your bathroom can make a huge difference!

You will notice by making these minor adjustments you small guest bedroom will instantly feel more luxurious.

Our personal favorite is brass finishes. They are timeless and elegant. Don’t worry there are a wide range available brass accessories in modern styles.

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Less Is More.

Our last tip on how you can give your small guest bathroom a new life is by actually not adding anything at all but possibly taking things away.


So often, we try to put as much as we possibly can fit inside a bathroom. However, this will only cause your bathroom to feel even smaller!

The key to making a small bathroom feel bigger is put simply, focus on the less is more mindset. Trust us when we say, keep it simple.

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