What You Need To Make A Guest Room Feel Inviting

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Possibly you have a spare bedroom you’re looking to transform into a guest room but unsure of where to start. Well, today we are sharing what you need to make a guest room inviting!

What Should Be In A Guest Room?

What should be in a guest room, you ask? We suggest to keep things as neutral and inviting as possible by keeping things minimal and not too personalized. 

The reason why we suggest keeping things as simple as possible is, imagine that you are staying at your family or even a friend’s house for a few nights.

Now we totally understand that these spare bedroom other functions, but we are just simply suggesting to rethink your space a little!

Here’s what we suggest!

How Do You Make A Guest Room Feel Like A Hotel?

Don’t we just all love checking into a hotel and it just feels luxurious. So, how do you make a guest room feel like a hotel?

Well, we believe just with a few upgrades and simple organizations, your spare bedroom will make your guests feel like they getting at a five-star hotel.

No seriously! Some things to consider are:

  • Freshly washed linens.
  • Plush white towels folded on their bed.
  • A lavender candle on the bedside table or inside the bathroom.
  • A welcome note letting your guest know how happy you are to have them.
  • Place inside the room a photo of the two of you to remember the good times spent together.

Those are just a few subtle ways you can add touches to make your guest feel welcome and not only that, comfortable in your home.

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Another easy way to make your guest feel welcome and like they are in a hotel room is buying them their own pair of house slippers next to their bed.

Lastly, if you’re really wanting to go above and beyond, give them a personalized bathrobe they can lounge in.

We believe with just some small attention to details, your guest room will feel like a hotel. 

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